A small Mexican eatery located just a five-minute drive from campus, Paola’s Burrito Place is easy to miss as you speed down South Ave. off of East Henrietta Road. It seems like just a hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint until you taste the guacamole.

I may be biased, as guacamole is my favorite food, but that’s just the beginning of what Paola’s has to offer. It features ‘Giant Burritos,” along with enchiladas, fajitas, vegetarian plates, nachos, quesadillas, tacos and tostadas, in any style you want. It’s difficult to pick just one meal because there are so many options, and everything sounds equally tasty. The taco salads are delicious and full of flavor, and the best part of the meal is when you get to eat the crispy tortilla bowl it comes in. In addition, Paola’s offers wraps, soups and sandwiches or a nice, old-fashioned plateful of chips and salsa.

An added perk of Paola’s are the unlimited, delicious, homemade tortilla chips at your disposal. More than once, I’ve gone in and ordered just a plate of guacamole as my lunch and continually filled my basket with chips.

It’s a warm, homey environment inside, and the food always comes quickly.

And get excited about the price the majority of the menu items are under $10.

Paola’s is authentic, flavorful and delicious, and it is definitely worth slowing down when on South Ave. to take a look inside.

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