On Monday, March 24, students alerted Medical Emergency Response Team and emergency services when they assessed that their professor was experiencing medical problems. The professor was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital for treatment, according to UR Security Investigator Daniel Lafferty.

Laptop stolen in Gleason Hall

University Information Technology staff reported that a University laptop was stolen from a classroom in Gleason Hall. The laptop was taken sometime between Thursday, March 13 and Friday, March 14, according to Lafferty.A lecturer left the laptop in the classroom on Thursday. Departmental staff went to the classroom the next morning to retrieve the laptop but found it missing. There has been no police report filed.

Car egged on Wilson Boulevard

According to Lafferty, a student’s car was egged by an anonymous person or persons sometime between Saturday, March 22 and Tuesday, March 24. The student parked his or her car on Wilson Blvd. next to the baseball field. A police report was not filed about the incident, but the student did receive advice to get it washed at a car wash.

Cushion thief violates chairs

An individual removed seat cushions from two large chairs located in Rush Rhees Library sometime between the afternoon of Monday, March 24 and the morning of Tuesday, March 25. Library staff have estimated that the cushions are valued at approximately $1,000. According to Lafferty, there has been no police report filed, but video images of the individual have been reviewed and investigations are underway.

Stolen property found in bathroom

A student reported his or her property stolen, but was able to recover most of it later when it was found in a men’s bathroom, according to Lafferty.The student left his or her belongings to use a restroom and left behind a jacket and bookbag containing money in the first floor study area in Carlson Library.The property was stolen at approximately 12:40 p.m. on Monday, March 24. A friend later found the victim’s property in the men’s bathroom and returned it to its owner. The only thing the victim found missing was $60 in cash.

Bike sends fire inspectors for a ride

A lone bike found on the third floor of Anderson Tower was taken for safekeeping by University fire inspectors earlier in the week. The fire inspectors found the bike and confiscated it after they were unable to locate the owner. The bike’s location violated fire safety policy, according to Lafferty.

Information provided by UR Security. Leber is a member of the class of 2011.

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