UR’s eclectic abundance of performance groups came together for an astounding, light-hearted performance on Nov. 9 and Nov. 10 in Todd Union.

“UR Performing” featured such groups as the Stingers, D’Motions Dance Group, Sihir Bellydance Ensemble, Indulgence, the Strong Jugglers, X-clusive, Radiance and Afro Expressions. It was hosted by the improv troupe In Between the Lines.

The hip-hop dance group D’Motions opened the show with an exhilarating dance to “Tambourine” by Eve, choreographed by senior Rebecca Caesar and junior Liz Morrison. The choreography was fresh with an integration of both past and present dance moves as well as a definite UR spunk.

“It is such a release from every external stress and allows me to focus on my internal energy and to improve my dance abilities,” D’Motions member and freshman Riley Fee said. “Everyone in the group has been so helpful and welcoming to people at all skill levels.”

Following D’Motions were the Strong Jugglers, made up of three females and two males. The group was founded in 1995 by a few students who juggled for children recovering in Strong Memorial Hospital.

The audience was captivated by the ability of these students to accurately and rapidly juggle multiple pins at once while simultaneously running, jumping and weaving through one another. The jugglers have an upcoming performance at the Boar’s Head Dinner.

A creative edge was integrated into the evening when the belly dance ensemble Sihir performed “Eye of the Duck” by Natacha Atlas. The females combined seduction and beauty to create a captivating atmosphere for the viewers; they looked like princesses!

A serious change in mood occurred when the Stingers took the stage following Sihir. The Stingers, consisting of seven guys and three girls, performed a variety of comical pieces with the revolutionary trombone. Their pure talent mixed with humorous pieces and gestures created a lively, light feeling for the audience.

Comprised of 13 members, Indulgence refreshed the audience with a mix of different modern hip-hop songs including “Get Me Bodied” by Beyonce and “Money in the Bank” by Swiss Beatz.

“Indulgence’s performance was unquestionably my favorite part of the evening,” freshman Tasha Raman said. “The selection of songs combined with the overwhelming energy evading from the group left my foot tapping to the beat even after the songs had ended.”

Matsuri, UR’s traditional Japanese club, performed “Soranbushi” next. Three males and two female students danced in a creative fashion.

Choreographed by Alex Schott, the next group, Radiance, danced to “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara. Radiance is a dance group devoted to practicing, choreographing and performing an assortment of styles of dance, with a focus on tap and jazz. The four females dressed up in beautiful, colorful outfits that added to the creativity of the dance.

Lastly, the audience was treated to “Afro Expressions,” which was founded in 2005 with only three members. Now, after expanding immensely, the group’s mission is to enhance the knowledge and enjoyment of West African motion and rhythms through dance, drum and drama. The cultural group performed “Mamady Keita” by Dennadon Kanin and “Untitled” on the drums.

In Between the Lines performed several times throughout the night, grabbing ideas from the audience and performing skits and games such as “forward, backward” in which the group did improvisation with a few verses, then, after being commanded to go “backwards,” would have to reverse their words and go back to what was said in the beginning.

Miller is a member of the class of 2011.

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