On Tuesday night, 9-1-1 notified UR Security of an anonymous call informing them that two males were planning a robbery on or around campus, according to UR Director of Security Walter Mauldin. The men were supposedly going to be driving a black GMC Yukon SUV. They were planning to carry out the robbery either in Genesee Valley Park or in the River Campus area.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning, security officers spotted a black vehicle that fit the description driving along Wilson Boulevard. They contacted the Rochester Police Department and notified them of their observation.

The vehicle parked near Goergen Athletic Center and the two males exited the car, accompanied by a pit bull dog. Soon afterward, RPD officers arrived and approached the two men.

The vehicle was searched and two ski masks were found inside. No weapons were found, either in the car or on the suspects themselves.

Since no crime had occurred and neither male had warrants outstanding, they were banned from campus and departed from the scene.

Security investigators are currently involved in follow-up work with the police regarding the two individuals and their known criminal past.

Sigma Chi housemate threatens officer

Security officers and MERT responded to a report on Saturday night of two students who had reportedly become ill after drinking alcoholic beverages, according to Mauldin. The students were located at the Sigma Chi Fraternity house.

As the students were being treated, a SC house officer became uncooperative with Security officers when he was prevented from interacting with the ill students. The student raised his hand in an aggressive matter but refrained from striking the officer. After several moments, he calmed down.

The matter was referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for further action.

Unaffiliated male placed under mental hygiene arrest

A security officer on a routine patrol found a male blocking traffic on Wilson Boulevard on Saturday night, according to Mauldin. The male appeared to be highly intoxicated.

Medical Emergency Response Team responded to the scene and recommended that the male be taken to the Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Department for evaluation.

The male, who was found to be in possession of prescription-type drugs, reported that he was a current student at Ohio State University. RPD responded and placed him under mental hygiene arrests and he was transported to the Emergency Department for treatment.

Information provided by UR Security.Wrobel is a member of the class of 2010.

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Laser Lab announces new partnership with local humane society

The LLE has partnered with Lollypop Farm to provide a fun, mentally stimulating activity for their many cats.

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