Apologies for newsletter inconsistency

In the March 8, 2007 issue of the Campus Times, the March issue of the Monthly InSTALLment, a publication of the UHS Health Promotion Office, was criticized for promoting sexism. Please accept our sincere apologies. It was not our intent to promote a double standard with regard to male and female sexuality. The Men’s Health and Women’s Health sections were developed by different staff members, who each selected topics to address on their side of the publication. We agree that the messages regarding protection against sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy were inconsistent. In the future, we will improve the coordination of messages to better serve our loyal readership.

-Nancy ReynoldsUHS Health EducatorLinda DudmanUHS Associate Director for Health Promotion

Sushi enthusiast defends restaurant

When someone asks me what the “must try” restaurant is in Rochester, after my four years here, California Rollin’ is the easy winner (Dino BBQ tight second place). That is why I was horrified to read the mediocre review of this sushi restaurant printed in the CT. I thought to myself, how could this person be so wrong?

First off, Cali Rollin’ is the master of bold flavor combinations, some of which I could never have imagined. So what did the author of the review order? Plain everyday rolls with no excitement at all – how daring. You don’t go to a place as unique as Cali Rollin’ and order the standard sushi. Instead, get one roll with bacon, another with eel and cream cheese (Killer Eel), make your third one include raspberries and jalapeos (Carla Roll) and for the finale, have the roll with Dinosaur BBQ sauce (yes, it exists).

This reviewer also had the audacity to go to a popular restaurant on a Friday night and complain about the wait. Can you be any more arrogant? Great restaurants have long waits on popular nights – deal with it or go off hours. My favorite experiences at Cali Rollin’ include the 3-for-12 on Sunday afternoons and the ever popular all-you-can-eat on Wednesday nights (you can request only cooked rolls if you want).

In fact, half of their menu is cooked rolls, so even if you do not eat raw fish, then you will still have an awesome experience. I have seen the most avid sushi haters become sushi fanatics at Cali Rollin’.

Not only is Cali Rollin’ the best and most unique sushi you will ever find, in my opinion, it’s one of the best dining experiences you will ever encounter on Earth.

You can have a quiet dinner at a table, or sit at the sushi bar and experience interacting with the awesome sushi chefs. It’s the friendliest restaurant atmosphere I have ever encountered – no conversation is off limits.

-Ben DanielsClass of 2007

UR Womens’ Lacrosse trounces Nazareth 17-5

UR’s Womens’ Lacrosse team beat Nazareth University 17–5 on Tuesday at Fauver Stadium.

Gaza solidarity encampment: Live updates

The Campus Times is live tracking the Gaza solidarity encampment on Wilson Quad and the administrative response to it. Read our updates here.

Zumba in medicine, the unexpected crossover

Each year at URMC, a new cohort of unsuspecting pediatrics residents get a crash course. “There are no mistakes in Zumba,” Gellin says.