Emily Augustine, who grew up in Floral Park, Long Island, graduated from UR in 2006 with a double major in English and Psychology. After being accepted into the Teach for America corps last spring, she made the decision to commit two years to teaching. She now teaches eighth grade Language Arts in Baltimore, Maryland.

Is this what you planned to do after graduation or is it something completely different?

Yes, this is what I planned to do after graduation. I applied for TFA in the fall of my senior year. I got into the corps and decided to commit the next two years to teach in Baltimore. I did not know the details of my placement until this past June when I interviewed for middle school positions. I love my students and feel that I am in both a challenging and rewarding profession at present.

If you could redo anything from your time at UR, what would you change?

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at UR. Though I don’t think I would change my major, if I could go back I might take more natural science courses. I loved the flexibility of the curriculum, and I think there are some things I could have taken that would be beneficial in my current teaching role.

Was there a particular activity or campus organization that you were heavily involved in at UR?

I was very involved in Class Council throughout my time at UR. I was a member of the council for three years and served as the President my senior year. I really enjoyed planning events and programs for my classmates and even miss it now that I am gone!

Is there some critical aspect of the school that you think needs to be addressed/changed/fixed?

The snow? Down here in Maryland we got an inch and school was cancelled! No, I’m kidding – there is not anything in particular I would change.

What’s your favorite thing about UR that you would not want to see changed?

My favorite thing about UR was definitely the sense of community on campus. It truly felt like home while I was a student and continues to be a place I feel welcome. There are so many incredible students, faculty, staff, programs, organizations and opportunities that allow you to show off your individual talents and develop as a person.

Do you have any advice to current UR students?

Enjoy every moment. Challenge yourself – in your courses and in your future world. Reflect on your successes and failures and know that a positive attitude can carry you through even the most challenging times.

Fountaine is a member of the class of 2008.

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