As the University looks to reinvent its image this year, the Campus Times is also working its way through a facelift.

For the first time in years, we are taking a good look at how to update our image and create a more professional, reader-friendly newspaper.

As you probably noticed last semester, we completely redesigned and updated the front page.

We now have full color on the front of each issue, an updated header and streamlined layouts that add more content to the front page and put more headlines above the fold.

We also created a new design for our Web site,, made an easier-to-read Arts & Entertainment calendar, updated the headers for each page and freshened up our title fonts.

This semester will be full of even more changes. We are currently working hard on a much needed overhaul of the sports section by redesigning the back page to give it a cleaner, more professional look. We are also going to implement a new grid-style sports calendar on the inside back cover that will be much clearer and more visually attractive.

Sports will not be the only section receiving an upgrade. The CT is also going to put more helpful information on page two. In addition to Campus Briefs and the ever-popular Security Update, you will soon notice a space reserved for timely campus information like changes to dining hours and reminders about road repair work.

We are looking forward to starting an interactive Q&A column with a different campus administrator each week. Send us questions for the following week’s guest and we’ll get them answered in print.

Best of all, we have a great staff, both new and returning, to help keep the newspaper informative, accurate and interesting.

We’re making changes like these because we’re passionate about giving you the information you need to be an active member of the UR community. We want to be a vehicle for information but also a means of student expression. The more involved our readership, the better our paper. If we’re not relevant to you as a student body, then we’re not doing our job.The Campus Times looks to become a one-stop shop for everything about UR you need to know.

Let us know how we’re doing. If you have a complaint about our coverage, write a letter and let us know. Ideas for how to improve? We’re listening.

As an active member of the Rochester community, you can help us with our reporting as well. If you are aware of a story around campus that deserves our attention, contact us at

Even better, join our staff. It’s easier than you think to get involved. Stop by our office near the Pit or send an e-mail to the above address. There are lots of opportunities in all of our departments and it’s easy to advance.

We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck this semester.

Bruml can be reached at

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