UR was recently named to Newsweek Magazine’s list of the top 25 “new Ivies,” placing it among other schools that the magazine deemed top-tier.

“The demand for an excellent education has created an ever-expanding supply of big and small campuses that provide great academics and first-rate faculties,” Newsweek writers Barbara Kantrowitz and Karen Springen said.

In compiling the list, Newsweek concluded that the traditional list of elite schools is no longer all-inclusive.

In the past few decades, the number of college-bound students has skyrocketed, and so has the number of world-class schools,” Newsweek said.

One of the main reasons for Rochester’s inclusion on the list was the unique Rochester Curriculum. Also cited were the high percentage of students studying abroad and the school’s strength in many areas of study.

Reaction to the study on campus has been favorable.

“Everyone who is here and is part of the community benefits from this type of recognition. I think the whole town benefits,” Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jonathan Burdick said.

Some attribute this recognition to the focus brought by President Joel Seligman on the profile of the University outside its walls. Since his hiring, Seligman has worked to bring UR’s reputation to the level at which it should be.

This is not the first time UR has been recognized nationally. This year, UR ranked 34th on US News and World Report’s annual “Top National Universities” list.

Students on campus reacted to the ranking with satisfaction.

“The more name recognition we can get, the better,” freshman Andrea Pomaranski said. “It gives you a sense of pride to be a student at the University of Rochester.”Christopher Porco convicted of second degree murderFormer UR student Christopher Porco, of Bethlehem, N.Y., was found guilty on Aug. 10 of charges that he killed his father, Peter Porco and severely injured his mother, Joan Porco, with the same axe on Nov. 15, 2004.

Porco was indicted on Nov. 4, 2005, and prosecutors began gathering evidence to dispute Porco’s claim that he was sleeping on a couch in his dorm at UR during the time of the attack.

“It’s tragic no matter how you look at it,” senior Josh Matthias said. “It’s just a terrible thing that happened.”

The trial took place in Goshen, Orange County, N.Y. and lasted for seven weeks. It was originally supposed to take place in Bethlehem, but the stigma and the publicity attached to the trial warranted a change of location.

More than 80 people took the stand, including Porco’s mother and his older brother. His mother testified that she has no recollection of the attack, but maintains that her son is innocent.

Recent Rochester graduate Marshall Crumiller also testified at the trial, adding to the investigation.

One prosecution witness testified that he saw Porco’s yellow Jeep Wrangler in the family’s driveway around the same time as the attack.

The jury deliberated for six hours before declaring Porco guilty of second degree murder, according to Capital News Channel 9.

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