Most people believe it is an honor to be deemed good-looking or “hot” by one’s fellow peers. There are few greater feelings – at least to the vain – than being assured that your facial structure and sleek body is exceptional. However, being attractive no longer proves to be such a great feat. In fact, ugliness is the new gorgeous, well, at least this month.

Think it is impossible to be repulsive and well received? Think again. Alpha Phi Omega, the community service fraternity on campus, is sponsoring their national annual fundraiser, Ugly Man on Campus. It is quite an accomplishment to be labeled the ugliest man on campus. I was ecstatic when I was initially introduced to the event and got to work busily scrawling an extensive hand written list of all the males I find most unattractive at UR. However, to my dismay, the contest does not proceed in such a way.

Instead, AFW advertises their philanthropy to all the organizations on campus, asking them to submit pictures of their contestants.

“The way it works is that we shall set up a table, where the pictures are taped to a jar,” UMOC organizer and sophomore John Skwiersky said. “The club name and the name of their charity is also listed.” Not only is the name of this bad-looking kid going to be announced through the halls, but his picture also is going to be widely publicized. Students will then vote based on the picture.

Other students, like me, who were unaware of the contest, thought that at first the idea sounded cruel but eventually warmed up to it.

“That sounds so mean, however, I guess there are a few guys I’d like to name ugliest guy on campus,” sophomore Heather Mazursky said.

In reality, though, most people who contribute to the fundraiser realize that this is more than a twisted beauty contest – it actually serves the greater good.

“People will come by and donate a dollar to whatever picture they think is ugliest, whatever charity they think is more worthy or make a donation out of group loyalty,” Skwiersky said.

Donating money to UMOC does not just benefit the various charities or contestants – contributors also receive added perks beyond just the obvious warm feeling that one gets when being charitable.

“For each dollar donated, the individual donating will be given a raffle ticket, so that when we do our end of UMOC raffle, they will have a chance at some lovely prizes,” Skwiersky added.

Similarly, the winner of UMOC not only gets the fame of being graciously titled “The Ugliest Man on Campus,” but he too receives a very special and yet to be announced prize. In addition to his own individual prize, “the group from whence he came will have the honor of earning their winnings for charity,” Skwiersky said.

Members from AFW will be tabling from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the first or second floor of Wilson Commons from April 23 through April 29. They will also be running tables in the Common Ground Caf from 6 to 8 p.m. The winner will be excitedly announced the following week after the results and money are tallied up.

This event should give naturally ugly guys and even attractive guys the incentive not to shower, let their head and facial hair grow wild and to dress terribly because being hot will apparently get you nowhere – for it does not provide charities with money, nor will it claim you campus-wide fame.

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