With a variety of noises and notes, songs and songwriters, the Eastman area breeds a rich environment for the urban scene. Students from both the River and Eastman campuses have learned that a nice getaway lies just within reach of Bus Line 72.

Spot Coffee, just a jump away from the Eastman Theatre, carries a chill vibe that any musician, student or professor can enjoy. The scenery itself lightens your mood and it is the perfect location to hit up after any musical performance or just as a low-key study environment.

Differing from the stereotypical Starbucks or bohemian Javas, Spot is a larger, double-decker coffee shop with areas clearly segregated, some for socializing and others for studying. The upper level is a balcony over the main floor of the caf, perfect for the studious customer.

The lower level is divided into several sections, specifically the imitation “Indian Palace.” A portion of the large room is divided with the help of some tall, colorful curtains. Through the curtains is a room filled with vintage furniture, coffee tables, chess sets, magazines and a fire place. The vibrant colors and streaming curtains remind me of an elaborate Indian design, making this room my absolute favorite. Unfortunately whether it is because of the cozy furniture or the vivid colors, this room fills up quickly and rarely am I able to steal a seat.

The atmosphere is not all that I find alluring about this charming caf. With a variety of coffee and tea flavors, such as a chocolate chai, which even Starbucks can’t seem to give me – Spot is ideal.

On top of their steaming beverages, the grilled cheese sandwich is my favorite. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, rather than chips and a pickle, I was served a salad with dark greens and balsamic vinaigrette as a side.

Any trip to Spot is not complete until each of the many cheesecakes and pies have been equally sampled. Each slice is deliciously rich and I have yet to finish one on my own. Lucky for me, people always seem willing to help out. My suggestion – go with a friend and split the cheesecake.

Overall, I have found the Spot Coffee to be an ideal place for studying and socializing. With my newfound car access, I have frequented the venue alone in order to read my classics senior seminar assignments or to brush up on my Greek vocabulary. At the same time, however, I have found that a low-key Friday night is well spent when dining with friends at Spot. The occasional Friday night band and late-night weekend hours make this an optimal venue. Ricketts can be reched at aricketts@campustimes.org.

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