Two seperate groups met yesterday in Wilson Commons to raise student awareness at the Career and Internship Expo about companies that participate in the military-industrial complex in the United States.

At 1:30 p.m., a group composed of Students for Social Justice members donned black tape mouth covers and handed out flyers to students and other participants in the SA event.

The flyers indicated that the black tape represented a point that the group hoped to expose to students.

“The black tape we wear illustrates the silent acceptance of the military-industrial complex in American society,” according to the flyer.

SSJ members at the event indicated that they had not been able to establish their own table among the presenters in the career center, and because of this were standing directly outside of the event.

We’re not here to tell students what to think, or how to act,” SSJ member and sophomore Jess Bell-Masterson said. “We just want students to think about the implications of their career and employer choices.”

The flyers distributed by SSJ offered information on three companies scheduled to present to students at the fair.

Northrop Grumman, Picatinny Arsenal, and ITT Industries were all singled out on the flyer, described as “companies whose primary purpose is the development and production of weapons.”

Late yesterday afternoon, another group of students gathered in Wilson Commons to raise awareness. This group was a coalition of students concerned about the military-industrial complex’s participation in hiring and the governmental process.

“The majority of people there weren’t SSJ members,” Bell-Masterson said. “Most have never participated in an SSJ action.”

These students gathered to express disapproval of the policies of the Northrop-Grumman Corp., a participant in today’s job and internship fair.

These students were also responsible for numerous signs and placards around campus this week.

“I think that we have been successful in our campaign,” SSJ member and sophomore Madeleine Cutrona said. “I have heard people on campus talkign about our flyers, and asking questions. I think that it is important that students ask themselves the important questions here.”

The students participating in the non-SSJ sit-in sat in a Wilson Commons hallway in silence, some holding signs describing their intent in being there.

“We intended to conduct a modified sit-in,” Bell-Masterson said. “We are not telling people not to work for Northrop-Grumman – we just want students to consider the companies they work for.”

Some members of the group believe that the UR Career Center should represent more companies at career and internship fairs. At the earlier SSJ action, members of that group compiled a list of companies that do not benefit from war.

The group then offered that list to interested students as an alternative to the assembled companies.

Members of the groups expressed satisfaction with their events. “If the only companies that UR will represent are defense contractors, we need to show that there are other jobs out there,” said Bell-Masterson. “I’m just hoping that we are getting people to think.”Majarian can be reached at

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