Last year, there was a fear that deferring the time that freshman males were allowed to rush, from the fall to the spring, would severely deplete the number of people interested in Greek life. However, with this spring’s fraternity and sorority recruitment now completed and the high numbers of those who participated in the recruitment process in, it is obvious the decision made in the fall of 2004 to postpone recruitment until the spring ultimately did not hurt the Greek system.

With recruitment deferred until the spring, freshman have the time and experience to make more informed decisions about the organization which they are joining and therefore are more wholeheartedly devoted to the process and can more fully commit themselves to their organization.

In turn, these new, more committed members will help preserve the quality of Greek life on campus through philanthropy and fundraising, thereby giving back to the community. In addition, by giving so much back, the Greek organizations are to challenged to succeed in the new Expectations of Excellence initiative, ensuring that fraternities and sororities will be on good terms with the surrounding community.

If the 200 newly recruited members demonstrate anything, it is the revival of organizations that have struggled in the past, either in numbers or because of administrative penalties. Both the Panhellenic Association and the Fraternity President’s Council should be commended for promoting a system that is not overwhelming, but that has a strong presence on campus. This year has already started out ahead of the game, and with the combined cooperation of the Greek systems, a grand new tradition can begin.

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