Imagine yourself surrounded by a multitude of students waiting in line, bustling around and excitedly shouting at those around them. It is probable that this will occur when the Hillside Creamery opens in Hillside Caf.

At present, the majority of students are aware of the addition to Hillside Caf. The ensuing response to the new ice cream counter has been for the most part positive.

“The cake batter flavor is bound to be cool, even though it will ensure the freshman 15,”Hillside employee and sophomore Clyde Brown said. “Overall, I am enthusiastic about the addition, and it should be great, as long as it is consumed in moderation.”

His co-worker, junior Siu Ki Paul Kwok, share a similar sentiment. “It’s a good addition to Hillside, since it will be adding variety to what students can now choose from,” she said. “There will be milkshakes, floats and even gummy worms to top off the ice cream.” His main concern is whether or not there would be new employees hired or whether the Hillside employees would be required to take on more hours.

“It’s going to be a great addition. Who doesn’t love ice cream?” Sophomore Marc Karasek said. “It’s going to make the student population happier – and fatter. However, I think that the money could have been allocated toward something more beneficial to the student body, such as improving the quality of [existing] campus food, or increasing healthy food options.” Many students have shared his point of view, particularly the students who try their best to eat healthy.

Quite a few of my gym-addict acquaintances are nervous that they will be waiting in longer lines to use machines, particularly the elliptical machines and treadmills. However, other students believe that the addition of the ice cream counter will not increase the volume of students at the gym.

Senior Patty Tehan offers another perspective than some of the younger students. “I recall the addition of the french fry machines from my freshman year in 2002 and how horrible it was to even walk through the tunnels without smelling the horrid greasy stench,” she said. “Nine-tenths of the time, the addition of food on campus is something very unhealthy – students should be watching their health as early as now.” There is always the fear that students will not be able to control their ice cream consumption.

Fortunately, for those watching their weight and who are conscious of avoiding future health problems, Hillside Manager Blythe Bower, and the new ice cream parlor ensures. “There is, in fact, a reduced fat option, which is currently chocolate,” he said. “I will be keeping a close eye out for what students’ requests are, and we will be getting more flavors in, accordingly. To allay the fears of current Hillside employees, the parlor will not open until I have sufficient [new] staffing. The goal of the addition is to increase options on campus and also increase a sense of community among students.”

Whether you plan on indulging or making it a part of your daily routine, enjoy the new addition to Hillside!

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