In the past, students have complained that performers brought in by the Outside Speakers Committee have not captivated them. This year, however, the OSC has more than made up for any failure by bringing acclaimed film director Spike Lee and comedian Carlos Mencia to speak in February. Not only that, but the OSC has also lowered the price of tickets for the speakers to five dollars, meaning students can hardly complain about exorbitant prices.

A highly regarded and extremely successful film director, Lee has made many acclaimed masterpieces such as “Malcolm X,” “Jungle Fever” and “Do the Right Thing,” all of which are films that have helped to define not only a social movement, but a generation.

Lee’s credentials are outstanding, and by drawing on his vast experiences he has earned a reputation as an engaging speaker. The politically active Lee has been involved in several organizations, including New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, the African-American studies lecture circuit at Harvard University and the one especially important to him, his church. Without a doubt, learning from Lee’s diverse life is worth well more than a $5 bill.

The Outside Speakers Committee delivers a one-two punch to February with the addition of Latin-American comedian Carlos Mencia, who will provide a lighter look at diversity. The host of Comedy Central’s “Mind of Mencia” holds little back in his comedy, and is definitely a pleasing choice well worth the price.

By booking two amazing and talented speakers, the Outside Speakers Committee has done a true service to the University of Rochester, in not only pleasing student demands but also bringing to the forefront vast cultural differences that the university is in dire need of recognizing.

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