Officers were summoned to the Fraternity Quad for the report of a fight in the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity House at 3:20 a.m. on Sun., according to UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty.

Upon arrival, officers were approached by two Delta Kappa Epsilon members who told officers while in the basement of SAM, they were approached by an unidentified male who stated that they had to leave, according to UR Security.

The student claims that as he was walking up the stairs to leave, he was surrounded by 10 males who repeatedly punched him in the face and head.

The victim reported that he and a friend were dragged up the stairs and thrown off the porch of the house. The students immediately went to the DKE house and told brothers about the events. Approximately ten members of DKE then approached SAM, according to UR Security.

The incident account provided by the members of SAM significantly differed.

While officers were talking outside SAM, a member of DKE punched a member of SAM in the head then took off running, according to UR Security.

A brief pursuit ensued but direct sight of the individual was lost, so officers returned to the Fraternity Quad.

A combined effort from charter officers from both houses and security officers quelled tempers and eventually returned everyone to their respective houses, according to UR Security.

All victims refused medical treatment and none of the victims wished to file a police report, according to Lafferty.

Student walks on four cars, causes dents

An unidentified student walked across the hoods of four vehicles parked in Todd Lot sometime between 2 p.m. on Sat. and 11 a.m. on Sun., according to Lafferty.

As a result, a student has reported two dents with an estimated damage value of $700 in his vehicle. Presently the owners of the three other vehicles have not filed reports, according to UR Security.

Gym bag with $5000 stolen from Goergen

An undergraduate student reports that an unidentified suspect stole his gym bag from beside one of the basketball courts in Goergen Athletic center while he was playing basketball between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Jan. 18.

The bag was later found inside the facility on the first floor and the student was notified, according to UR Security.

Upon claiming his bag, the student reported that his wallet, containing his driver’s license, credit card, and more than $5,000 in cash was missing from the bag, according to Lafferty.

The victim was offered but declined the services of the police at the time he filed his report, according to UR Security. There has been no further action.

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