Rochester area resident Kidtrell Blocker, 33, was apprehended and charged with robbery and grand larceny after removing a laptop computer and bicycle from Wallis Hall on Dec. 26. The suspect was indicted by a grand jury on Jan. 10 and will face trial.

“We don’t know how he gained access to the building,” UR Security Investigator Daniel Lafferty said. “There were people working inside, but we had no reports that Mr. Blocker broke into the building.”

Blocker was first spotted walking in Wallis Hall with a blue trash bin containing a laptop. He ran away from the building when an employee noticed him and notified security. The suspect headed for the Residential Quad and was seen by closed-circuit television cameras holding that same trash bin and a bicycle, according to a statement released by UR Security.

The suspect then dropped the items and led security officers on a foot chase that took them around Tiernan Hall, through Wilson Boulevard and under the footbridge. Blocker was finally apprehended as he was running toward the Zornow Athletic Field. He was taken into custody by the Rochester Police Department.

“We are currently pursuing leads to see if there is evidence that links Blocker to additional incidents,” said Lafferty. “We have at least six cases of burglary, including a previous one in Wallis Hall, in which we believe he partook.”

Blocker once worked as a temporary employee in 2001-02, according to Lafferty, but has no present ties to the College.

The suspect was linked to a Nov. 26 vehicle robbery which occurred in front of Chambers House. The incident occurred when a security officer responded to the call of a man walking around the parking lot looking into cars. Upon his arrival, the officer saw the suspect as he started the car with a screw driver and proceeded to drive away.

“The security officer involved positively identified Blocker in a criminal lineup as having been in the stolen car,” Lafferty said. “This will be presented as evidence to the grand jury.”

The vehicle was eventually returned to the student who reported it missing.

In a similar incident last August, Blocker was also charged with burglary and grand larceny when he was caught stealing a computer from the same building.

“In both the August and December 2005 incidents, the grand jury indicted Blocker,” said Lafferty. “However, the trial is still pending adjudication.”

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