Who is he?

Russel Wyner is a senior who is a dual major in studio arts and psychology. He hails from Newton, Mass. – like 800 other people at this school – and in the four years that he has been here, he has made quite a name for himself. Russel is not only the host of a radio show on WRUR, an intern at the Rochester animation studio Animatus, an incredible dancer and the current president of URTV, but he is now also the host of a new game show on URTV premiering Oct. 27.

The game show, which Russel describes as “Jeopardy! meets Double Dare” is designed to unite the student body and increase school spirit in a battle over UR trivia. Different groups from around the university will be participating to show off their campus knowledge. Last week there was a Meridian edition and this week will feature students from the Campus Times.

What is the intent of URTV?

“I founded URTV along with seniors Dan Bromfield, Josh Mathias and UR alum Matt Bonnacorso because there wasn’t an adequate video department on campus. We felt a need to increase opportunities for people who like to make films of all kinds. We also wanted to create a TV station where multiple shows featuring students could be produced. It provides students with a way to see what is going on around campus from the comfort of their own rooms.”

What other shows can we look forward to seeing this semester?

“There is ‘URTV Up Late,’ which takes on the classic late night talk show format, but instead of interviewing celebrities they interview students from around the school. For example, this week the show will be featuring UR Hip-hop, the Midnight Ramblers and SEEK. It airs Thursdays at 10 p.m.”

When do members of URTV meet?

They meet at 8 p.m. on Mondays in Rush Rhees room 445. Students can also call 4-URTV, if they would like to schedule an appearance on “URTV Up Late.”

Many of your animated films can be seen on URTV. How did you get your start in animation?

“In fifth grade I took pictures of my sister’s Barbie dolls and made an animated short of them having sex with each other. By the way, I have a stop-motion film that will be previewed at the UR Cinema film this week.”

My, you have come a long way! What is your favorite part of being involved with URTV?

“I love going out on any Saturday night and having people shout at me across a room, “Hey URTV guy!” Most of our devoted audience members are from the Greek community because they have the most school spirit. I always see people wanting to say “hi” to me because they think they know me, but then hesitate because they realize they only know me from television. It makes me feel like a celebrity at UR.”

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