To someone who is not a part of Greek life at UR, fraternities and sororities can seem like a confusing blur of letters.

This column is devoted to lessen the confusion and inform students of the important role that Greeks play in campus life. One of the three members of the United Greek Council is the Panhellenic Association, or “Panhell” for short.

This group is made up of the six National Panhellenic sororities that are active on this campus.

The most important focus of Panhell is to organize and implement formal recruitment each spring so that college women who wish to join a sorority may do so through a process of mutual selection.

Although sororities are often stereotyped as being organizations centered around partying and painting rocks and tunnels in their respective colors, they in fact do much more. In addition to participating in scholarship enhancing activities and planning campus-enriching programs, each chapter has its own charitable cause for which they plan fundraising events and community service. Philanthropy is a major part of each sorority’s identity and a large point of pride for all Panhellenic women.

Many of the fundraisers for each sorority’s philanthropy will be coming up very soon.

For example, Alpha Phi sorority, whose major philanthropy is heart disease and cardiac care, will be holding their annual, “Alpha Traz” fundraiser on Nov. 18.

Gamma Phi Beta’s major philanthropy is a fundraiser for the Hillside Children’s Center. To raise money, they hold an entertaining pie throwing contest.

Delta Gamma’s major philanthropy is aiding the Blind and Sight Conservation. Their upcoming “Anchor Slam” will be held on Nov. 6.

Kappa Delta’s major philanthropy is Prevent Child Abuse America. Their event is called the “Shamrock Project” and is usually held in the spring. The Shamrock Project features a variety of entertaining acts.

Phi Sigma Sigma’s major philanthropy is the The National Kidney Foundation.

They usually hold their annual “Rock-a-thon” fundraiser in November.

Sigma Delta Tau’s major philanthropy is also Prevent Child Abuse America. They raise money by holding the “Mr. U of R” contest in which male students participate in a beauty-pageant competition to win the title of “Mr. U of R.”

These are not your stereotypical sorority parties because these are not your ordinary sorority girls.

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