UR Security officers have resumed weekend patrol of the Fraternity Quad until further notice, effective Oct. 7, as a result of recent conversations between students and administration.During the 2004-05 year, two officers were paid overtime wages to walk the perimeter of the Fraternity Quad and inspect houses on Friday and Saturday nights.”We have to make a choice to respond to the greatest need at the moment,” Director of UR Security Walter Mauldin said. “We only have a certain number of people on extra shifts and overtime.”Mauldin notes increased patrol of parking lots following the gunpoint robbery of a student in Hill Court parking lot on Sept. 4 as an example of reallocating security resources.The change in security services was identified through meetings with the Dean’s Advisory Committee and the Fraternity quad house managers on Sept. 30 and Oct. 6, respectively.”The bubble was burst – people from off our campus were coming on to our campus and causing problems,” Students’ Association President and senior Matt Goldblatt said.Security was added the next day. “It’s our problem to make sure services are adequate,” Dean of The College William Green said. “I don’t want students to worry.”Multiple conversations with students revealed general concern.”It’s grabbed people’s attention – security, deans, student leadership,” Goldblatt said. “Having people get together to talk was significant. It not only addresses the actual concern of security but reaffirms that administrators will hear our concerns and respond to them quickly.”Others agree. “Hopefully the problem will be alleviated with increased security measures,” Fraternity Presidents Council President and senior Dinesh Apte said.Security measures extend beyond officer patrol units.”FPC has supported the installation of a camera on Todd Union, overlooking the Fraternity Quad,” Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Monica Smalls said.The camera will not invade privacy nor replace the presence of security officers, according to Mauldin. Cameras on campus have aided officers during crimes.”When we get a call, we pull up area cameras and as officers and police arrive, we give them information for safe approach and apprehension of the suspects,” he said.Security officers assigned to the Fraternity Quad will not be pulled to answer other service calls unless approved by the security supervisor, according to Mauldin. When officers are removed from weekend duty, Fraternity Quad residents will be notified.About $20,000 is required to sustain the special weekend patrol of previous years. Vice President for Administration and Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Ronald J. Paprocki assures the money will be available for security.”Providing adequate security on campus is very important – the supplemental staffing will continue as long as it is necessary,” he said. “No other services to students will be reduced because of the additional security staffing.”Students have expressed general unease about the security of their residence halls.”A girl from a pizzeria can walk right into my suite to hand me a flier,” DAC committee member and junior Beth Devine said. “Knowing that anyone could do that scares me. It was nice to meet with people in charge, but I need to see it to believe it.” Students brainstormed solutions with security that included writing letters to delivery restaurants, installing additional I.D. card readers at building entrances and encouraging students to watch for suspicious persons entering and leaving buildings.”There are some things we can’t do things right away,” Mauldin said. “We’re currently in an operational year and a good position to prepare for what we want to do next year.”Goldblatt has brought a security information campaign for students to the SA communications committee. Students will be reminded of available services and safety tips in the coming weeks.”Student government normally wouldn’t take a stance on something like this, but it’s a pressing concern,” Goldblatt said. “Student communication is a potentially more effective way to present information.”Dean of Students Jody Asbury has contacted student life personnel at area schools to further investigate the presence of off campus students.”Everyone wants to cooperate – wants to talk about what’s good for all students and all campuses,” she said. “We’re an urban campus in a modern world. None of us can afford to not take part in ownership of our personal safety.”Borchardt can be reached at jborchardt@campustimes.org.

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