Perhaps the students must refrain from encouraging each other’s excess drinking. Brag about how far you can hit a home run, not how much booze you can drink. It’s like having a contest to see who can lean out the high window the farthest.

Never act impressed that somebody else can drink so much. Drink to enjoy, not to compete.

There’s one thing many college students would rather do than get drunk, and then there’s the perception that non-drinkers are altar boys and choir girls who want to wait until they’re married.

When a gentleman invites a non-drinker lady to drink, she can offer to spend that time with him, not drinking.

While the government imposes the drinking age purely out of malice, remember that you’re not hurting the government by drinking. The only thing that hurts a government is armed resistance, which usually requires some people making the Supreme Sacrifice to defend liberty. Merely mouthing off to a cop doesn’t hurt the government. Protesting to the cops doesn’t make any difference, because people who care about right and wrong don’t sign up to be cops in a jurisdiction that imposes such unjust laws.

One way to help a drunkard get over denial is to photograph him or her on the stretcher, getting placed into the ambulance, and them show him or her the photo later, when he or she is sober. If your better half gets into any trouble because of alcohol, offer to quit drinking together.

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