This is for the freshman girl, the party girl, the theatre girl, the mean girl, the nice girl, the cute girl, the funny girl, the trendy girl, the girl who doesn’t know if she fits in yet, the girl who doesn’t fit into any of these categories, the transfer students and even the sophomore and the junior girls. Sign up for formal recruitment!

This Sunday, there is an informal information meeting and a question and answer session to find out more about the Panhellenic Association, one of the two councils that governs sororities on campus – the other is the Multicultural Greek Council. Keep your eyes open for fliers advertising the time and place.

Getting information about the Panhellenic Association Formal Recruitment process does not mean that you are required to be in a sorority. It simply means you get the opportunity to find out what Greek life has to offer.

And, for the record, it means more than having mixers and parties and wearing letters. It is about becoming a leader, stepping out of your comfort zone, getting involved in school, taking part in philanthropies and making lifelong friends – not just from your sorority but from each Panhellenic sorority. Does this still not appeal to you?

This opportunity is unique to college – when else can you pledge yourself to such a large, national organization? Unless you plan on joining a cult, I think this is your only shot.

Many people are much like I was last year and have absolutely no idea what this “recruitment weekend,” Jan. 26 to 31, entails. Here’s a quick overview.

On Thursday, you will meet your recruitment counselor who will be wonderful and answer all of your 10 million questions. Also, you will meet your recruitment group. If you somehow find it possible to go through this entire weekend without meeting one new person, you will have made 10 new friends in this group.

On Friday, you will attend six parties, meeting each of the six Panhellenic sororities. On Saturday, there is a slideshow of all the events and activities specific to each chapter. Sunday is Philanthropy Day. You will learn about the chapter’s philanthropy and do a craft project of some kind. Monday is Preference Night. You will have hopefully narrowed down your search to two sororities.

At the end of the night, you will fill out a bid card and on Tuesday you could have possibly found your sorority! So, for one weekend you spend some time making new friends.

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