For those of you who are interested in going home for Thanksgiving break to indulge in some much needed home cooked food, but can’t quite swing the exorbitant cost of air fare, the Common Connection has developed a program to help get you to that turkey.

The Roadtrip program can connect students who are looking for rides home with other students with cars who are willing to carpool.

Roadtrip is an easy and secure way for students looking for rides, or passengers, to post their travel plans online at

Due to the convenience of the online board, projected travel plans are clearly visible so that anyone in search of a way home can easily make the necessary arrangements.

Roadtrip was developed this past summer as a function of the Common Connection at the request of many students and parents.

Roadtrip will drastically cut the costs of traveling especially during an extremely busy time of year, Thanksgiving, which is when the price of a plane ticket or gas money tends to make a noticeable dent in one’s wallet.

Bryan Rotach, Coordinator of the Wilson Commons Information Center, emphasizes this beneficial quality of Roadtrip.

“With the high cost of gas, there is an economic incentive to offer other students a ride in your car in exchange for splitting costs,” he said.

Rotach also advocates the convenience and flexibility of the Roadtrip program.

“Particularly around the holiday times, many students have difficulty finding transportation home that works with their schedule and is reasonably priced. By providing an easy to use service like Roadtrip, we are hoping to connect those offering rides with those needing them,” he said.

Roadtrip also promotes carpooling for local trips or events.

Many students are constantly in search of ways to get off campus and experience what the community of Rochester has to offer, but are lacking the means to do so.

Roadtrip provides students with a solution to this dilemma.

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