After interviewing students about UR’s location, a classmate of mine heard the response, “it’s located in the worst city in America.” This opinion caused me to think more seriously about Rochester and what it has to offer residents and students.

While doing some research with hopes of factually disproving this statement, I came across some interesting information. For example, Rochester is known for harboring some of the most creative people in the nation – Strong Museum has been consistently recognized as one of the top 10 children’s museums and Strong Memorial Hospital has been recognized as one of the best hospitals in the nation. Forbes Magazine ranked Rochester sixth best for the “Best Places with Best Education” in 2003. Additionally, we have more golf holes per capita than any other northeastern industrial city.

So, what do all of these random facts amount to? Residents dwell in a creative environment where they are exposed to superior health facilities. Children have the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom as well as attend some of the best high schools and colleges in the nation.

However, most of us are only four-year visitors to the city and are not concerned with long-term benefits. We are seeking immediate gratification and are frustrated that it seems like there is nothing to do. But, those who feel that Rochester is a bad city just haven’t looked hard enough for sources of entertainment.

Rochester is a film junkie’s playground, as the city not only hosts two annual film festivals – High Falls and ImageOut – but it is also home to independent theaters like the George Eastman House and The Little Theatre.

Music enthusiasts have a plethora of places to check out live music like Blue Cross Arena, Water Street Music Hall, The Bug Jar, Milestones and many more. There is even a large jazz community, which culminates each summer with the Rochester International Jazz Festival.

If museums are more your pace, you can check out the Susan B. Anthony House, The George Eastman House, Strong Museum, our very own Memorial Art Gallery, as well as the many other galleries.

For those who love food, there are various restaurants around Rochester, which provide diners a choice of different ethnic cuisines. You can get further discounts at many restaurants by using your Rochester Every Day sticker. The Public Market is also highly acclaimed by those who frequent it, providing fresh and affordable produce, fish, meat and poultry, in addition to dry goods.

It’s easy to sit around your hall and complain of boredom from the repetitive lifestyle we find ourselves trapped in. But, with many of the aforementioned places located on the bus system, you can easily diversify your weekends. You may just find that Rochester has a lot more to offer than you originally thought.

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