The Students’ Association Senate held their first meeting of the fall semester on Monday night. The meeting consisted of appointing senate members to chair specific committees for the new academic year.

During the open forum and constituency reports, the fact that so many students’ cars were being booted was addressed.

“They told me to park on the grass,” SA senator and senior Jamella James said. “They can only charge you $20.”

The committee reports were given and SA Appropriation Committee Treasurer and senior Brian Metro announced that three equipment requests were made and approved for student organizations.

The Strong Jugglers received $705 for replacement and updated equipment, the UR Cinema Group received $1,675 for a computer and the Student Activities Office received approximately $1,000 to put on New York City Night during Meliora Weekend.

Projects and Services Committee member and sophomore Hannah Geswein, announced a new project set in motion by the Campus Club Connection, which includes free copies of the Democrat and Chronicle and The New York Times available for students to check out from the Common Market and the Common Ground.

Geswein also announced that the Projects and Services Committee has begun planning for the “Walk for Light” event in October.

The Policy Committee is anticipating a successful year. “There is a lot of work to do, I can’t wait for people to do it with,” committee member and junior Robert Cavanaugh said. Cavanaugh was appointed Policy Committee Chair.

New business was discussed, focusing mainly around the appointment of new committee chairs.

The voting continued as junior Heidi Davies and sophomore Keisha Rolle were appointed communication co-chairs.

Davies and Rolle are working together to achieve each of their individual goals. “I’d like to see more involvement with the community,” Davies said. Rolle is interested in expanding Senate Night and also making it happen more often. Also, both are very adamant about the improvement of The Hive this year.

There was also a motion to elect five temporary SAAC senators for the Sept. 13 and 20 meetings at 8 p.m. in the Stackel Room in Wilson Commons. The senators that were nominated and ultimately agreed to the position were sophomore Greg Meditz, sophomore Daniel Goldstein, senior Tyson Ford, junior Ray Watts and junior Gretchen Garcia.

The motion to elect three temporary steering senators resulted in the nomination and acceptance by juniors Sal Amato, Amos Rosenstein and Ravay Wilson. The three senators will attend the Sunday meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Ruth Merill Center.

“I’m very excited,” SA president and senior Matt Goldblatt said. Goldblatt announced his enthusiasm about the new furniture and freshly painted walls in Wilson Commons. He also informed the senators of the freshman interest in open forum and hall councils this year, stating that over 150 freshmen were interested.

Goldblatt also talked about a new social committee that, in collaboration with Dean of The College William Green, is designed to get in touch with the pulse of the student body. He promises an exciting new year for campus activities.

The meeting was brought to a close by Deputy Speaker of the Senate and junior Emily Zametkin and Speaker of the Senate and senior David Ladon, who are working together to get to know all the members of the senate and to connect with each member in promise of a productive and fun year.

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