Since Hurricane Katrina, aid has migrated to the South, and UR has been instrumental in helping with that relief. Students have rapidly gathered sources together to raise money and donations.

Last weekend, several Greek organizations pulled in large amounts of money to donate to the Red Cross.

Theta Chi fraternity held a relief party and concert on Saturday. Several student groups performed at the QC house and money was collected at the door.

“The Midnight Ramblers, The Manta Ray, and Ravi, aka The Vza, performed,” QC brother and sophomore Robbie Raphael said. “We raised $500 and will be giving the proceeds to the Red Cross.”

QC has not been the only Greek group to act. Phi Sigma Sigma soroity and Phi Kappa Tau fraternity held a party at Whiskey and collected donations for the Red Cross relief effort at the door. Overall, UR students donated $300. “I was pleased [with the donations], it shows that UR students are all very giving and conscientious about what is going on in the world,” FKT brother and senior Josh Rosen said.

Greeks have not been the only students to gather around a significant cause. Students in Susan B. Anthony Residence Hall are holding an 80/20 raffle. The raffle tickets cost $2, which can be purchased at the service desk in SBA. The raffle will give 80 percent of the proceeds to the Katrina Relief and 20 percent to the raffle winner.

“Everyone is really enthusiastic and excited about rallying around one cause,” RA and senior Preeyel Dallal said. “A couple of Tulane transfers are living [in Sue B. Residence Hall]. This allows a personal interaction with them and lets them know we’re making an effort.”

In addition to these efforts, several student groups, in conjunction with the Student Activities Office, are holding a large event on Sept. 23. This event, “JAM-balaya,” will include a New Orleans style dinner at Douglass Dining Center and a show in Strong Auditorium afterward. Currently, six groups are planned to perform – Yosakoi, Korean American Students’ Association, Radiance, Sihir Belly Dancing, Bhangra Team and Ballet Performance Group.

A second event, sponsored by Fraternity Presidents’ Council and WRUR, will be at the German House on Sept. 30. Several bands will be performing throughout the night. “People are obviously passionate and people are excited to get involved,” Director of Wilson Commons Student Activities Anne-Marie Algier said. “This situation has crossed boundaries and created a positive thing to get involved with.”

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