For all you blatantly self-absorbed students, you probably have not noticed the large green and white sign that hangs right next to what was previously known as the Wilson Commons Information Center. However, for those of you who are observant, you are probably wondering what exactly the Common Connection is and how it can help you.

According to Rochester Center for Community Leadership Coordinator Bryan Rotach, the Common Connection is the equivalent of a concierge service at a hotel. This new service is an improvement upon the old information service provided by Wilson Commons. Students can now find out about transportation services, calendars, events occuring on campus and around the area, chartering buses for student organizations, flex machine access and directions to both campus and off-campus places.

“Instead of just being a reciprocal for information, we are actively seeking information to help students be more informed,” Rotach said.

Common Connection is also very eager to have student feedback about their services. “A lot of students didn’t know about events going on around campus until it was too late,” Rotach said. “This way they have a centralized source of information.”

The Common Connection also works with with the Rochester Every Day program. Rotach believes that both of these programs will be strengthened by this collaboration. The staff of the Common Connection consists mostly of upperclassmen, with the exception of one lucky freshman, who have been in the area for some time and can contribute their personal knowledge and opinions about campus and local area events.

“There is now a personal component, which didn’t exist,” Rotach said.

The Common Connection is located in Wilson Commons 201 and is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends. You can call x5-5911 for the Common Connection.

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