Welcome to Fall 2005. It’s one of the best times of the year. The weather is still nice, the leaves are still on the trees, upperclassmen are getting back into their everyday routines and a new batch of students are walking around in groups with lanyards around their necks.

Though we recently said goodbye to the Class of 2005, we’re now welcoming the newest additions to the College’s Class of 2009 – 997 freshmen in fact.

This year, the university had a higher yield – accepted students who decided to pick UR – than normal. The ideal class size for the university is 970. In other words, the university can accommodate 970 freshmen comfortably. Nonetheless, with great efforts from Residential Life, all freshmen received housing on-campus. Rumors of freshmen staying in hotels for the semester can be completely crushed due to the excess number of triples scattered in freshmen housing. Residential Life went as far to accommodate the students by creating several triple rooms from the Susan B. Anthony Residence Hall back lounges. Some may cringe at the thought of living in a triple, but keep in mind the advantage they have in the long run – priority in the housing lottery system for next year and a dorm discount!

As a matter of fact, members of the class of 2009 are quite impressive themselves. The College received 11,250 applications from the incoming class, a record from any previous year. And after a selective screening process, including interviewing over 3,000 applicants, we ended up with the crme of the crop.

The Class of 2009 expands on the College’s vision of embracing diversity. A large number of minorities comprise the class, allowing the campus to become more ethnically and racially diverse. Even geographic diversity is well represented in the new class. Students from across the country and the world migrated to Rochester, including 45 states within the Union and 25 foreign countries. Recent recruitment changes have also targeted regions, helping encourage prospective students to truly consider UR.

It’s suffice to say that the university as a whole is becoming a better place. With the onset of a new class, new faces, new vigor and new motivation, the freshmen will help keep campus life creative, intelligent and fun.

Freshman year is an exciting time in one’s life. Meeting new people every day and not remembering their names. Taking Biology, Chemistry, CAS 105 and Calculus will seemingly take control of their lives. Attempting to get involved in anything and everything extra-curricular. Flocking together to the Pit or Danforth Dining Center. Staying up till 5 a.m. getting to know each other. And most importantly forming bonds that will always leave an impression in some shape or form.

From the looks of it, the university is going to grow not only in size but in reputation at the rate it is going with each incoming class. So a warm welcome to the Class of 2009 – Meliora!

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