Jackie Borchardt


My first semester as editor-in-chief has been demanding, stressful, trying and extremely rewarding.

I have many people to thank for helping me through the past semester – my family for always encouraging me to try new things, my amazing friends for understanding why I choose to stress myself out on a weekly basis and my awesome staff for continuing to surprise me.

To the seniors who have given me so much – best of luck, come back for Meliora Weekend and subscribe to the CT! K.L., K.G., C.E., R.T., C.L. and J.S. – you will be greatly missed.

Michael He

Managing Editor

At the end of my journalism career, I look back and realize that being Design Editor in seventh grade was the beginning of a great journey. Journalism has given me so much, but at the same time it has taken so much as well.

To my other seven staffs, I miss spending times with you guys. To this year’s staff, I will miss you all as well, but especially J.B., C.C., J.F., C.L., A.M., E.P., T.S., C.T. and R.T.

This is my farewell to a eight-year-long love affair with journalism. It’s not you, it’s me.

Andy Hollinger

Presentation Editor

Here’s to the CT all night production staff. Thanks to you, I have been able to justify a completely irational sleep cycle. It’s nice to know there’s a whole bunch of equally crazy people. I only wish I could have found this support group sooner.

Photo and Presentation computers kick ass. So does liberating foodstuffs and sleeping on the couch. CT for life!

Shweta Krishnan

News Editor

I still haven’t been able to get over the fact that this CT team has been through 12 issues of us together! How far have we come since our first Wednesday night on Jan. 19, when I started out with trepidation and excitement about my new role – an editor.

The CT was not a casual commitment – each one of the editorial staff knew that we’re a medium that represents this campus to the community, and come what may, we fought deadlines, stress, academic pressures and sleep to put out an issue every single Thursday, with a passion toward the paper and UR as our only incentive.

We’ve certainly been though our share of ups and downs, but we’ve grown so mature as a team, a working force. I owe so much to the CT, from learning to prioritize my time to building a relationship with my devoted writers, to those crazy Wednesday nights out, to just getting to know this group of diverse, enthusiastic and vibrant people that have been a part of my CT adventure – thanks guys, and cheers to the CT!

Emily Paret

News Editor

A big, huge, unbelievable thank you to the RED SOX for winning the World Series and to the PATRIOTS for winning the Super Bowl!!!!

CT dudes, there is no one else I would rather spend millions of hours with on Wednesday nights.


Tony Scott

Opinions Editor

Thanks to my writers for putting up with me. Your talent has been the glue of the Popsicle stick house that is my Opinions section.

Thanks especially to graduating writers – best of luck to you in the years to come.

Additional thanks to Clemm for keeping the conservative faith on a college campus. “Right Thinking” will be sorely missed!

Thanks to all past and present CT editors graduating this year who’ve given me help in my first year with the CT. Special thanks to Kerri for helping me in the transition to becoming an editor.

Most importantly, thanks to all members of the Campus Times family!

And to new and old writers alike – keep those submissions coming!

Go Bills!

Jason Buitrago

Features Editor

I was quite surprised to find out this semester would be a life-altering one. Through many ups and down, the features editorship has truly kept my life in balance, along with my close-knit group of friends. To Meredith and your amazing endurance with my “controlling behavior.”

Working with you has been one of the most invigorating experiences of my life and I know I could not have a better co-editor. To the entire CT editorial and writer staff, productions wouldn’t be what they are without you all.

To Candace, Chris, Jay and Mike – what would I do without best friends like you? To Giulana, we are crazy.

To the beautiful Theresa G., the newest addition to my life and to Eli W. Hale – for your support, understanding and patience with my “emotions.” My sanity would not be intact without all of you. Lastly, and most importantly, to my mom, the one person who will always be with me – I love you. And to another year of CT adventures.

Meredith Lepore

Features Editor

Becoming a features editor this past semester has been one of the most challenging and exciting tasks I have been presented with in college. I remember being absolutely exhausted my first production night.

Since then, my body has become completely adapted to my Wednesday nights. I have learned that the way to survive is by simply eating small meals throughout the day and if you find yourself drifting off in those wee hours of the morning a crazy dance helps or a good chorus of “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” in a funny voice does wonders.

And though being an editor is probably part of the reason why my hair is a little more disheveled then usual, and why I have bags under my eyes all the time, I am still happy.

I am grateful to the entire staff, especially to Jason my co-editor, Jason Freidman for helping me and Sam for always bringing me candy and company.

Jenna Katz

A&E Editor

Every newspaper editor owes tribute to the devil.

~ Jean de la Fontaine

Kim Gorode

Comics Editor

Many thanks to everyone on – or that I’ve worked with through – CT that has made my time on the paper such a fun, fulfilling and memorable experience – in alphabetical order, of course – JBo, CB, JB, CC, YC, CE, EF, JF, HG, BG, MGW, AH, MH, BH, AH, NJ, JK, JK (for everything in 2005 and beyond!), SK, JK, ML, CL, JL, KL, SM, AM, PN, EP, LP, TS, JS, JS, DS, RT, TT, CT and RT. Special thanks to Ray for NEVER letting me forget where I come from.

Cyrus Levesque

Copy Editor

I’ve learned a lot over the past five years. I mean, duh, this is college. I’ve spent a year in France, I’ve double majored, I’ve got to know all kinds of people, I’ve done a lot of community service, I’ve rushed a fraternity, I’ve written and edited news and I’ve sampled crew, fencing and kickboxing.

But if I had to choose the most thought-provoking two hours of the past five years, it wouldn’t be any class – it might be “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” And if I had to choose the single most important thing I’ve learned in the past few years, it would probably be “don’t worry.”

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