Historically, UR has been described as “apathetic,” due largely in part to the lack of organized discourse on campus. UR should not only focus on development in the classroom, but also on every facet of the student. A college education should come with a sense of social responsibility.

Brief surges of interest cycle every presidential election year, with interest dying later in the academic year. However, this year has seen a positive turnaround in participation.

During the presidential election, various groups – including the College Democrats, College Republicans and the Students for Liberty – conducted informational sessions, rallies and voter registration drives.

These events not only informed students about each candidates’ policy issues, but also gave many a chance to register to vote and discuss the intricacies of the U.S. voting system.

Additionally, this week’s Social Security panel discussion gave students the opportunity to hear different points of view on this controversial issue.

More importantly, though, was the fact that this event was co-sponsored by a variety of groups, many of which are not directly related to politics.

Three Rochester mayoral candidates have been invited to a forum sponsored by the Minority Student’s Advisory Board, to be held in mid-April.

This event is a great chance for students to step outside the university bubble and understand the intricacies of managing the city of Rochester.

The student body should seize this opportunity and actively participate during the forum.

UR administration should continue to support UR groups as they plan more politically-oriented events. UR students should maintain a heightened level of political awareness. Having a better political discourse now will lead to a more informed and active members of society in the future.

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