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ANNOUCING – Social networking in 3D – GorillaPop introduces Gorilla World!

In our constant striving to make meeting people on line even more fun, GorillaPop is getting ready to release the new “Gorilla World” interface. Gorilla World is a completely new 3D way to play in a social network. The 3D interface has all the music based matching and social networking capabilities of the GorillaPop web site, plus if you see someone running through the Forest of Irritable Trees that you happen to like (or anywhere else), you can chat with them live – or even give them a virtual banana as a token of your approval. And if you *don’t* like them, you can shoot them!

TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER – GorillaPop is offering the “Weekender Package” where for three days people can come in, find a match or two, connect with them, then get out. All for less than the price of a gourmet latte! Not only does this make GorillaPop healthier, it’s a lot more fun!

And as the Prophet says, “Music is primal, emotional, and irrational. It reaches the core of an individual unfiltered. The music a person responds to reveals volumes about their fundamental personality…”

GorillaPop.com – Connecting the world one song at a time.http://www.gorillapop.comEast Cupcake Tennessee LLC

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