In an administrative decision last week, the Alpha Delta Phi and Sigma Alpha Mu chapter houses were returned to their respective organizations, effective at the beginning of the next academic year.

While there are many conflicting opinions surrounding the Fraternity Quad housing situation, the reinstatement of two of its members should be viewed as an example of a successful judicial process.

Both chapters have made significant improvements to their programming in efforts to regain their houses. While both groups have much work ahead, in increased contributions to The College and necessary improvements to their houses, it is hoped that the loss of their houses is enough incentive to adopt new standards.

Their return to the Fraternity Quad serves as an example for all groups residing there. Both fraternities have expressed interest in furthering good relations with the administration, an illustration of Greek organizations striving to align with the mission of The College.

Yellowjackets’ Winter Roundup

In the next few weeks, our athletic teams will take field, let’s examine how the Yellowjackets fared towards the end of the winter season. 

A Shrekcellent way to deal with stress

It is here that they worship none other than “Shrek.” Every member must show up with a red flower bearing blue thorns as a symbolic offering.

Jungle your juice

In case you have yet to juice your jungle, I am here to rock your world (respectfully). You’ve got the funny juice. You love the funny juice!