Student volunteers, local businesses and UR services participated in this year’s Wellness Fair in Wilson Commons in an effort to promote healthier lifestyles on campus.

“Maybe some more people would have been nice,” senior Bobbi Stewart said. “However we’ve made a lot of progress this year in trying to get our message out there.”

Students had three different themed floors to explore – Pleasure Party was the theme of the second floor, Healthy Haven was the theme of the third floor and the Pit took on fitness as Fit in the Pit.

Stewart is one of the leading campaigners for Project Purpose. It is comprised of students who promote healthy lifestyles by focusing primarily on safe sex -this was one of the most animated booths at the fair. Students raced each other timed, blindfolded, or dizzy to put on a condom.

“The message is that it’s alright to have safe, protected sex,” junior Gordon Chang said. “There’s knowledge out there, but without purpose, it’s pointless.”

The third floor of Wilson Commons offered students an opportunity to shed their stress and enjoy free 5-10 minute massages. An increasing interest in massage therapy as an alternative health solution has motivated UHS to consider adding a massage therapy center.

“Hopefully we can have some place on campus to give students a break,” UHS nurse and massage therapist Diane Olejar said.

“I think that it’s a tremendous idea. It’s great having massage breaks during finals in the library. But sometimes it would be nice to get a rub down during a rough week of heavy sculpting in the gym,” sophomore JT Terracciano said.

The Pit was open to learn a little bit about healthy eating and exercise.

UR Dining Services has recently released a new program called Just4U Food that fits your life. Feeling that it is up to students to manage how healthy they eat, UR Dining Service’s new program categorizes all foods into six health categories: Carb Counter, Low Fat, Vegetarian, Cal Smart, Heart Healthy, and Vegan.

“We are reacting to students’ desire to eat healthier,” Head of UR Aramark Dining Services David VanScott said. “A large number of surveys have been issued to students and this is our response. We are looking forward to seeing how students respond to the Just4U program.”

An alcohol awareness booth was situated in the Pit, with trainers distributing handouts to promote better decision-making when drinking.

“The school doesn’t approve of underage drinking because it’s against the law, but they need to realize that it is a reality that most likely won’t change,” sophomore Joe Derrigo said “The more important matter is to ensure that students who do drink know how to handle themselves responsibly and take care of others.”

“This year’s Wellness Fair was very worth-while. We’ve expanded it this year and it has shown to be very educational and beneficial to many students,” Director of Activities Anne-Marie Algier said. “It is more important, however, that students take and apply what they’ve learned today. By adopting some basic lessons, everyone can benefit by living healthier, more fulfilling lives.”

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