Applications for admission to UR have reached an all-time high with 11,135 applicants for next years’ incoming class.

“More applications mean we can be more selective about the students we select for admission,” Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Jonathan Burdick said. “Luckily it doesn’t just come down to who has the highest SAT scores. We can interview a lot of students and find out who is really excited and qualified to come to the university.”

The administration still expects almost 95 applications to be submitted. The number of early decision applications rose as well.

“The admission numbers are one aspect of our curriculum taking hold,” Dean of Students Jody Asbury said. “The word about our curriculum is getting out and we are getting more students who are choosing UR as their first choice.”Last year, the school received a record-breaking 11,098 applicants.

Retention among continuing students is also at a high of 95 percent.”Many universities well ahead of us in the average SAT score and average aid categories don’t do as well as that,” Burdick said.

The statistics of the current Class of 2008 explain many of the reasons as to why UR is becoming more popular.

Eighty-two percent of the current freshman class say they came to UR for the curriculum, the highest number ever.

The current freshmen will be the eighth class to graduate under President Thomas Jackson’s Renaissance Plan.

“I came here because UR not only offered me a broad range of possibilities, but flexibility as well,” freshman Dan Truax said. “I now feel that my interests are fostered and encouraged by being allowed to have a large say in choosing classes that pique my interest and are taught by a knowledgeable and prestigious faculty.”

In addition, 67 percent of the current freshman class say that UR was their top choice.

“This number is equal to the number at many Ivy League schools,” Burdick said. “Many students are looking for high quality options besides the Ivy Leagues, because the frenzy around them turns a lot of people off. People find UR and see it as a really good substitute.”

Students find the classes challenging but not impossible, and many find it easy to get involved on campus in addition to balancing a full course load.

“The workload and stress level here are definitely high, but manageable,” freshman Brian Hanson said.

“The weekends allow you to recharge your batteries. Academically, the school has definitely reached my expectations. If I had to make the choice to come here again, I would have made the same decision.”

Only 18 freshmen have failed to re-enroll for the spring semester, as opposed to 31 at this time last year.

In addition, 51 new students have enrolled for the spring semester, as opposed to last spring’s 28 transfer students. UR has also surpassed the 20 percent target enrollment.

“Exceeding enrollment creates opportunities to keep ‘meliora-ing’ The College,” Burdick said. “These achievements are the reflection of everybody here.”

The number of international students has been fluctuating over the past few years, but is back up this year.

“More students have been inquiring about UR, which means that we have had a chance to meet with more students and get them excited about what the school has to offer,” Burdick said.

“We have continued to have good news about the quality of education our students are receiving and are very happy that the number of applications continues to rise. Tell your family and friends across the country, this place is on a roll,”Burdick said.

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