Dear Editor,

Did you know that Meliora Hall has the fewest number of windows per occupant on campus? I counted. In case you didn’t know, Meliora Hall is where they put all the psychologists and psychology students on campus.

As it turns out, psychologists have long since documented the fact that working in windowless environments in unhealthy, they can even make people sick! Despite this, rumor has it that the university is planning to eliminate the last remaining sources of natural light on the 4th floor of Meliora Hall in order to create more office space. Is this some kind of twisted joke?

Sufficating in Meliora Hall, Arlen Moller & Laura SilvermanGraduate Students, Department of Clinical and Social Psychology


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Jungle your juice

In case you have yet to juice your jungle, I am here to rock your world (respectfully). You’ve got the funny juice. You love the funny juice!