Saturday’s snow storm could not stop the UR men’s and women’s swimming and diving fans from coming out to see the last home meet of the season against both SUNY Fredonia and McMaster University.

The men edged out McMaster, 130-127, and solidly overcame Fredonia 167-85.

“Facing two different teams gave us more of a challenge in the sense that we had to push ourselves more than usual. Especially when we found out how close the meet was,” Freshman Dan Quintana said.

The women did not fare as well against McMaster, losing 160-92, but defeated Fredonia 162.5-126.5.

Along with competing against McMaster and Fredonia, Saturday’s meet was also Senior Day – the last home game for seniors.

Seniors Pete Maxwell, Alex Provan and Ann Richards were all honored before the day’s events began.

Thirty-two events were held, but the men and women both competed on an exhibition basis in several events.

The men’s team had seven first place finishes and also clocked in before either McMaster or Fredonia in a number of events.

“We weren’t expected to beat McMaster, but we did so,” Quintana said. “It turned out to be a really great meet for the guys . It was a good meet to help motivate us before going to the University Athletic Association Championship.”

In the 500-yard freestyle, Maxwell came in just behind Fredonia but ahead of McMaster.

Sophomore Craig Matt finished behind McMaster and ahead of Fredonia in the 50-yard freestyle.

Maxwell also contributed to the men’s victory in the 400-yard medley relay and took first in both the 100-yard backstroke and 200-yard backstroke.

Matt was a part of the winning men’s 400-yard medley relay team. He also had first place finishes in the 200-yard freestyle and the 400-yard individual medley.

The women also had an impressive showing, finishing first in five events with a number of outstanding individual performances.

Sophomore Karen Gromer took part in the women’s first place in the 400-yard medley relay and earned an individual victory in the 200-yard butterfly. Gromer also got second in the 500-yard freestyle after McMaster but before Fredonia.

Another part of the women’s victorious 400-yard medley relay team was sophomore Kari Joyce, who took second in both the 50-yard freestyle and 200-yard backstroke.

The UAA Championships, held at the University of Chicago on Feb. 9, are quickly approaching.

With less than two weeks left in the season, the men have one away meet before the UAA Championships. They will face Ithaca College on Jan. 29.

The women have two meets left before heading off to the UAA Championships. They will travel alone on Jan. 26 to William Smith College. After their meet there, they will join up with the men to face Ithaca College on Jan. 29.

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