No, but here is what is really in the signature beer of Rochester.

Brewed by the High Falls Brewing Company located right here in our city by the river, Genny Light is a low-calorie, light version of the orginal Genesee Beer. Introduced in 1878, Genesee is a lager and contains 4.5 percent alcohol. It is brewed with six-row barley malt, corn grits, hops from the Yakima Valley and what High Falls Brewing Company refers to as its special “bottom-fermenting yeast.” According to the brewery, Genesee beer is krausened for a perfectly carbonated texture and a clean, smooth taste.

The Genesee beer line has several varieties, notably the Genesee Cream Ale, which many claim all students must sample before leaving UR. Introduced in 1960, Genny Cream is 5.1 percent alcohol and is smoother than the original Genesee, partly because it is fermented at significantly higher temperatures. This beer actually won two consecutive gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival. In 1993, High Falls introduced Genesee Ice, a brew that undergoes a slow aging process so that ice crystals form, making its alcohol content about two percent higher than the other Genesee varieties.

Genesee, Genesee Cream Ale and Genesee Ice all have about 160 calories per beer, so for the calorie-conscious, Genny Light is an alternative. With only 96 calories per each 12 ounce serving, Genny Light is considered a light lager. This beer is light on the carbohydrates, as well. Genny Light is brewed with both two-row and six-row barley malts, not water from the Genesee River.

Genny Light was introduced in 1978 and is a popular choice among college students due to its rather inexpensive price, but its taste is often compared to the Genesee River.

According to the brewery’s Web site, High Falls is the fifth largest brewing company in the United States and distributes its products in 41 states.


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