Thanks Ricki, for brightening my week. Ma Cheri, I really miss you – write soon, or better yet, come to Maine!

To Dale in Psych 101: You have revived my fading “uh, wilting” enthusiasm. Thank you for caring and for one of the highest hours in my teaching career. Love, Mary Sojouner-Weiss.

Happy Birthday to Lisa, our favorite tickling, screaming pisser – the blueberries will get you yet! Meet you in the shower.

Ride Wanted to Utica area (Hamilton College) on Friday, Oct. 10. Please call Lynn x6954.

Christmas in Kenya. Need 9 person for minimum enrollment in Safaria. Dec. 21 – Jan. 8. Call 274-3133.

Andy – Stud: Birthdays and sex don’t go together. So to hell with your birthday and go get laid – The fellas.

Lost Cat. Dear Irving, please come back. We love you. Yellow, sort of fat and nasty at times. Call Judy, Chambers 224.

Attention: To the fucking asshole who dumped a bucket of water on me and my camera last night in Lovejoy – may your balls be cut off and dropped into boiling oil. You bastard. Nave.

Need a paper typed? Call Ronnie. x6118.World Series Time. Reds fans hang it up. The Red Sox will be #1 in ’75. Sox in 7.

Joyce – Would you stop that ridiculous limping around and get back to dancing already? Love to Ken and Dave.

Male 20’s share apartment. Rustic Village. $78/m. Phone 461-4511. Furnished. Excellent Deal.

To the ass who banged up my yellow Opal GT: The least you could have done is left a note. You really know how to wreck someone’s weekend.

The only reliable thing about the shuttle system is its ability to drive me crazy

The bus schedule is many things, so I’ll tell you what it isn’t. Reliable. On-time. Consistent.

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