For the new year, Dining Services has implemented a campaign to improve dining options and convenience throughout the entire university.

Dining Services is making improvements to meal options all across the River Campus and at the Eastman School of Music.

After listening to feedback from the student body, ARAMARK and Dining Services on campus have made improvements at nearly every dining center on campus.

Some of the most notable improvements include a soft-serve ice cream machine in both Douglass Dining Center and Danforth Dining Hall as well as the new “Grab n’ Go” program in Douglass and Wilson Commons.

The changes, especially in Danforth, center on expanded menu options to please all types of diets.

“We are doing a lot for the needs of different students on campus,” Director of Campus Dining Services Cameron Schauf said. “Also, now it is much easier now to get in and out with your meal.”

The “Grab n’ Go” program is the result of a general effort to make dining on campus a quicker, more convenient experience.

“We reconfigured Douglass to allow for better traffic flow and less congestion,” Guest Service Manager for Dining Services David Feist said. “We have seen that it is much easier now to get in and out with your meal.”

Part of this campaign for convenience involves opening Danforth at 11:45 a.m. rather than noon as well as having the new “Club Fast Track” options that include Indian Wraps, Flatbread Pizzas and Garden Burgers. The goal of these changes is for students to be able to get to their classes faster while eating a more enjoyable meal.

“We are continuously striving for 100 percent satisfaction,” Feist said.

“Douglass is a lot easier to get around in now,” freshman Brooke Ramsey said. “The lines are not as long and it is much faster. Other than that, I have not seen too many differences.”

“Since the semester just started, it will take a little while to see the impact that our changes have really made,” Feist said.

Dining services have also been making changes on the Eastman Campus. These changes are directed at improving the efficiency and enjoyment. The dining at Eastman now features specialty rice options every day, increased variety at exhibition stations and a soft serve ice cream machine.

Also look for improvements at the Orchestra Pit where there are several new menu items, as well as the addition of the “Club Fast Track.”

While feedback from the students on these recent changes is limited so far there is a constant process that Dining Services implements through out the year.

“We try to get as much feedback as possible. We rely heavily on the results from our semi-annual Dining Styles surveys.” Feist said.

A student committee also meets monthly with dining services.

“This is critical in overcoming difficulties the students face in dining on campus such as rising coffee prices or meal plan problems,” Feist said.

When dining services receives notice of these complaints they work hard to address the problem.

“Dining services is constantly listening to feedback from our customers and changing menus or adding products according to what they ask for.” Feist said. “Students are encouraged to continue making an impact in the dining services.”

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