Green Party, David CobbDavid CobbGreen Party

Abortion – Women’s rights must be protected and expanded to guarantee each woman’s right as a full participant in society, free from sexual harassment, job discrimination or interference in the intensely personal choice about whether to have a child.Women’s right to control their bodies is non-negotiable. It is essential that the option of a safe, legal abortion remains available. Health Care – We would vigorously pursue savings and cuts from Medicare abundant waste and fraud, eliminate unnecessary services that benefit providers more than patients and rein in pharmaceutical industry price-gouging. We advocate subsidies for organic foods, as well as removing sugar/caffeine snacks from schools. Public policy needs to move in the direction of a voluntary, community-based mental health system that safeguards human dignity, respects individual autonomy and protects informed consent.National Debt – We believe a comprehensive approach that forms a basis for a debt reduction plan would include debt payback, increased revenues and decreased expenditures in some areas.To help compensate for our nation’s neglect, we support tax increases on mega-corporate and wealthy interests, defense budget reductions and entitlement reductions for those who can most afford reductions. War on Terrorism – Our government does not have the right to justify pre-emptive invasion of another country on the grounds that the other country harbors, trains, equips and funds a terrorist cell. The U.S. must prohibit all covert actions used to influence, de-stabilize or usurp the governments of other nations and likewise prohibit the assassination of, or assistance in any form for the assassination of, foreign government officials.

Libertarian Party, Michael BadnarikMichael BadnarikLibertarian Party

Abortion – Individual rights should not be denied or abridged on the basis of sex. Recognizing that abortion is a very sensitive issue and that people, including libertarians, can hold good-faith views on both sides, we believe the government should be kept out of the question.We oppose all laws likely to impose restrictions on free choice and private property or to widen tyranny through reverse discrimination. Health Care – We favor restoring and reviving a free market health care system. We advocate a complete separation of medicine from the State. We support an end to government-provided health insurance and health care.National Debt – We support the drive for a constitutional amendment requiring the national government to balance its budget and also support similar amendments to require balanced state budgets.War on Terrorism – We call for the reform of the Presidential War Powers Act to end the President’s power to initiate military action and for the abrogation of all Presidential declarations of “states of emergency.” There must be no further secret commitments and unilateral acts of military intervention by the Executive Branch.

Reform Party, Ralph NaderRalph NaderReform Party

Abortion – We affirm that these are issues of life and death for women, not mere matters of choice. We support access to safe and legal abortion, to effective birth control, to reproductive health and education. We oppose attempts to restrict these rights through legislation, regulation or Constitutional amendment. Health Care – We favor replacing our fragmented, market-based system with a single-payer health plan – where the government finances health care, but keeps the delivery of health care to private non-profits and allows free choice of doctors and hospitals for patients.The U.S. health care system has many grave faults that could be remedied by a system of universal coverage.National Debt – We believe the United States needs a redirected federal budget that adequately funds the crucial priorities like infrastructure, transit and other public works, schools, clinics, libraries, forests, parks, sustainable energy and pollution controls.War on Terrorism – We insist on a foreign policy that is proactive rather than reactive and whose primary purpose is to enhance our country’s national security.

Constitution Party, Michael PeroutkaMichael PeroutkaConstitution Party

Abortion – We affirm the God-given legal personhood of all unborn human beings, without exception. As to matters of rape and incest, it is unconscionable to take the life of an innocent child for the crimes of his father.We affirm both the authority and duty of Congress to limit the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in all cases of abortion in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 2.Health Care – Hospitals, doctors and other health care providers should be accountable to patients – not to politicians, insurance bureaucrats, or HMO Administrators.We affirm freedom of choice of practitioner and treatment for all citizens for their health care.We support the right of patients to seek redress of their grievances through the courts against insurers and/or HMO’s.We advocate, therefore, the elimination of the federal Food and Drug Administration, as it has been the federal agency primarily responsible for prohibiting beneficial products, treatments and technologies here in the United States that are freely available in much of the rest of the civilized world.National Debt – We support the drive for a constitutional amendment requiring the national government to balance its budget and also support similar amendments to require balanced state budgets.War on Terrorism – We deplore and vigorously oppose legislation and executive action, that deprive the people of their rights secured under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments under the guise of “combating terrorism” or “protecting national security.”In responding to terrorism, however, the United States must avoid acts of retaliation abroad which destroy innocent human lives, creating enmity toward the United States and its people.

Riseup with Riseman

“I decided to make one for fun — really poor quality — and I put it on my Instagram just to see how people would react," Riseman said.

UR Softball continues dominance with sweeps of Alfred University and Ithaca College

The Yellowjackets swept Alfred University on the road Thursday, winning both games by a score of 5–4.

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