I really enjoyed the piece by Sandeep Madhur (“Redeeming our school’s value”–10/21/04).

As a UR alum living in the midwest, I get a lot of blank looks when I tell people I went to Rochester or one of the following responses:

1. “RIT is a great school. You should be proud.”

2. “Isn’t that SUNY school? My cousin went to Binghamton.”

3. “You must really like__________.” (Fill in the blank…snow, ice, cold weather).

4. “Isn’t Rochester a suburb of Buffalo?”

5. “Crapchester, right?” (A Jim Rome reference for all you non-sports fans. No tour stop for you.)

6. “Were you on the ski team?”

Bottom line: UR not known nationally and never will be. Get use to it. I have.

Dave SchwartzAlum

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