Alpha Traz will be held at the Drama House on Nov. 20 from 8-11 p.m. as part of the ongoing Greek Week.

This philanthropic event is cosponsored by Alpha Phi sorority, Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and Alpha Phi Omega fraternity.

The money raised from the event will benefit Cardiac Care, AF’s national philanthropy, in addition to the Strong Memorial Children’s Hospital. This annual charity event involves handcuffing members of the administration and presidents of various fraternities and sororities.

The only way for these prisoners to escape is for them to be bailed out, so be sure to be there to save them. “Last year we raised $1,400,” AF sister and Director of Philanthropy, Lauren Prusnofsky, who is organizing the event for the second time, said. “We are hoping for an even better turnout this year.”

Every year, “celebrity prisoners” are featured who are well-known on campus. This year’s prisoners to be handcuffed include Dean of Students Jody Asbury, Father Brian Cool, Sigma Delta Tau sorority president Monica Reyhani and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity president Tyler Bellow, in addition to various other presidents from on-campus Greek and non-Greek groups.

Over the past two weeks, tickets and fun cups have been available for purchase in Wilson Commons. The side of each cup reads “You Bail Them In, Only Time Can Bail Them Out.”

For each ticket and fun cup bought, students are given the choice of putting their money under one of the names on the list of celebrity prisoners. Celebrities must remain handcuffed until their name is called, so if you want to see your pick in handcuffs for as long as possible, be sure to stop by the donation table before Saturday.

The tickets are $5, but any donation will be greatly appreciated.

At the start of the party, Prusnofsky, a senior, will announce which celebrity raised the most money and they will receive a prize. As the night goes on, she will be announcing who can be bailed out of their handcuffs.

In the meantime, entertainment will be provided by Autumn Divers, who provided the music at last years event, as well as Thunder Pus, a student cover band on-campus, and the Midnight Ramblers. There will be free pizza and soda.

AF encourages all UR community members to join in on the fun, as the event is a good alternative to the usual weekend activities on-campus.

“Our main goal is for everyone to have fun and enjoy the party,” Prusnofsky said.

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