There was a time when October 31 for the Celts meant two things – the start of a new year and the day disembodied spirits of those who died in the last year came to possess a living body. Villagers would dress up in ghoulish costumes, cause mischief and create enough of a racket to scare the spirits away. With two weeks remaining, we at the Campus Times want you to stay safe and keep your body from being possessed. So try out some of these costume ideas. We know you are on a budget, so all of the following costumes cost $25 or less.Have fun and stay away from the graveyard.

PimpBeing a pimp is hard – dressing like a pimp is easy. Get your groove on with a suave purple suit, top hat and cane. Accessorize with a big ring, an ostrich feather and gatorskin boots. If gatorskin boots aren’t in the budget, ask some of your girl friends for their flashiest pair – girl friends with big feet.

Big hatCaneBig featherBig ringPurple suitGatorskin boots

ID CardBe the one thing every college student really needs – their ID card. Take two pieces of white cardboard and think sandwich board. Print out a headshot of yourself.Add Rush Rhees Library to the right. On the other piece, use paint or markers to draw a thick horizontal strip at the bottom – the magnetic strip. Use the marker to add all those important campus phone numbers – maybe add your own to the list just in case.

ID Card – Two pieces of white cardboardPhoto – picture printed out on paperMagnetic strip – black paint or marker

Smurf / SmurfetteRemember those magical, four-inch-tall blue creatures from Saturday mornings? Nothing says cute and funny better than dressing up as a Smurf. It’s easy. Buy some blue face paint and apply it to your face and arms or wear a blue long sleeved shirt – it might be a little warmer. Put on a matching pair of white shorts and a white T-shirt. Complete the costume with a white hat and gloves. Blonde chicks can go as Smurfette, and if it’s a wig, we won’t tell.

Blue paintWhite T-shirt and shortsWhite glovesWhite shoes

URBeeBe the bee. Our mascot URBee dresses up everyday. Now you can be just like him! It’s easy as can be. Wear a yellow shirt, then wrap yourself with a black scarf, making some stripes. Aluminum foil and pipe cleaners make the antenna. Cardboard cutouts and glitter make excellent wings.

Body – yellow shirtStripes – black or blue scarf/ribbonAntenna – pipe cleaners or aluminum foilWings – cardboard

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