Some students tore out the bus seat cushioning after Senior Night on Nov. 11. The damage was done to the 2 a.m. bus, which is usually the most crowded.

Repairing this damage will cost the senior class council over $500. Because of this, the senior class has been forced to cancel two Senior Nights. An award is being offerend for information.

“It is unfortunate that this happened and that the whole senior class has to suffer,” Senior Class Council member Becca Wolfson said.

In addition, it may be more difficult to hire the bus service again.

“It is not unlikely that other bus companies may hear of the incident and either follow suit or demand higher deposits,” Associate Dean of Students in charge of discipline Matt Burns said. “If the Senior Class Council ultimately must pay the cost of the damage, future Senior Class programs may be in jeopardy.”

Apparently, the students responsible have still not been identified.

The Senior Class Council sent an e-mail out asking students for any information about the identity of the individuals, but no one has responded yet to the e-mails.

“It seems inconceivable that other students did not see this happening at the time, or that no one knows anything about the incident,” Burns said. “If no person with knowledge comes forward with information, then this ‘code of silence’ may be to blame for a substantial portion of the damage.”

In response to the event, the university is working with the bus service to pay reparation. “The university will cooperate with the vendor if and when the company seeks information and remuneration,” Burns said. “Ultimately, though, this incident, like so many others, is a test of our commitment to the communal principles to which we all agreed.”

In the e-mail the Senior Class Council sent to the senior class with information regarding the situation and repercussions as well as asking for any information regarding who did this.

“We hope that this doesn’t happen again,” Wolfson said. “It is disappointing that it happened. Hopefully we will learn from it. We’re optimistic that the rest of the Senior Nights will go smoothly.”

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