This past Thursday night, Senior Night activities were marred by the actions of a few individuals when a seat was damaged on the bus ride going back to campus from Whiskey Bar. Beyond being a juvenile and irresponsible act, it resulted in the loss of two future events for the senior class due to costs associated with the damage. It reflects poorly on UR as a whole.

As adults, we should be expected to behave maturely for a 10-minute bus ride. Students are given free transportation to the events, and these actions disrespect the efforts of the Senior Class Council and the amenities with which the students are provided.

Each of the class councils put in hours of planning to ensure that events are catered to student needs and enrich student life on-campus. If these events are seen by some only as opportunities to act in an inappropriate fashion, the councils will find it difficult to plan and carry out these events.

A large number of students look forward to Senior Nights, and the behavior exhibited Thursday night moves them closer to losing those opportunities. It would be disappointing to see these events discontinued because of a few unfortunate incidents.

Past years’ Senior Nights have experienced similar incidents and it is regrettable that we have yet again seen this behavior displayed. UR and the city have a relationship that normally functions as synergistic, with the use of Rochester Transportation buses and other facets of the city open to student use. Respect should be shown, not only for those outside the UR campus providing services, but, equally as important, to peers.

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