I was somewhat puzzled by Jim Mack’s article “The hypcrisy of feminism.” I’m just not really sure from where he gets his ideas. Did he really grow up with the notion that feminism’s largest goal is public toplessness? Feminism is a celebration of women, and I received different vibes from Mack’s article. I define feminism as a movement for complete gender equality, and I define myself as a feminist. Who knew I have been living a lie my whole life? I’m not concerned with pay equity or putting a stop to violence against women at all. I just want to take my shirt off in public. It sounds so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t realize the true feminist agenda until now. Seriously, is this the type of trash you want to print in your newspaper? Clearly, the answer is yes, and I must say, Campus Times, that not only am I deeply offended, but I am also deeply disappointed. I really thought that we, as a generation, could start to move past steretypes or misconceptions of feminism and accomplish great things. Ideas like these are what hinder us from ending sexism.

Lucia Spinelli2007

P.S. Why have women been deemed protectors of chastity? We reserve the right to be sexual, not because we want to be like men but because orgasms feel good.

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