Traditionally served by old ladies at bingo tournaments and potluck dinners, the Jell-O mold is a dessert that is easy to create. All ingredients can be purchased at the Corner Store.

Three-Layer Jell-O MoldIngridients:6 cup bowls3 different flavors of Jell-O3 cups of hot water3 cups of cold water1 can of fruit cocktail1 can of whipped cream

Preparation: Prepare the first flavor of Jell-O as directed on the box. Distribute it evenly between the six bowls. Refrigerate the Jell-O for four hours. Distribute the fruit cocktail evenly among the six bowls. Prepare the next flavor of Jell-O and distribute it evenly among the six bowls. Allow the Jell-O to set in the refridgerator for five hours. Prepare the final flavor of Jell-O and distribute it evenly among the six bowls of Jell-O and allow it to refrigerate for five hours. Garnish with whipped cream when ready to serve.Gorode can be reached at

Drag Charity Show: out and proud on campus

The event to aimed to bring visibility to ongoing LGBTQ+ youth issues throughout the Rochester area.

Yellowjackets’ Winter Roundup

In the next few weeks, our athletic teams will take field, let’s examine how the Yellowjackets fared towards the end of the winter season. 

Jungle your juice

In case you have yet to juice your jungle, I am here to rock your world (respectfully). You’ve got the funny juice. You love the funny juice!