The Rochester Revue in its third year will present 11 performance groups during what promises to be an exciting catered BBQ dinner on Oct. 9 from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.”Rochester Revue gives people the opportunity to see the different performance groups and is a great way to showcase the diverse talents of the students at the University of Rochester,” junior Jenna Cacciatori said.But besides that, it is an interesting combination of dinner and entertainment, providing an easy dinner-and-a-show combination for anyone seeking something fun to do on a Saturday night.Groups including D’Motions, Vocal Point and the Ballet Performance Group will be participating in the revue.”D’Motions has prepared an exciting mix of older and newer dances of varying styles, which exemplifies the type of dance D’Motions usually presents,” D’Motions performer and junior Emily Josephson said. “The performance will incorporate both more experienced members and our newest members from this school year, and really provide a fun, yet edgy collection.”Vocal Point has also prepared an impressive repertoire of their music for the Revue.”[You can expect] an exciting mix of your favorite recent Vocal Point songs and classic hits,” co-assistant musical director and junior Laura Weaver said.Vocal Point and their brother a cappella group, the Yellowjackets, will be debuting their new CDs for purchase at the show.The Ballet Performance Group, although unable to perform their new dances due to time constraints, will be showcasing three crowd pleasers from last year, business manager and sophomore Taylor Coon said.Unfortunately for those of you who have become excited by this dinner-and-a-show offering, I have some bad news. This event is sold out. So if you really want to see these performance groups, you need to talk one of the lucky 800 out of going or see the performance groups individually throughout the school year.I know I am one of those unlucky ones, so if you are feeling generous, please feel free to drop by and hand me your ticket, preferably for free.He can be reached at

Student response to off-campus protests

At the vigil on Jan. 7 honoring Tyre Nichols, only a handful of UR students were in attendance. In an…

“The African Company” plays to the beat of its own drum

“The African Company” is a labor of passion for its material and commitment to its cause, and the hard work of its cast and crew pays off.

When it starts to smell like home

Yet, in random moments, when a smell catches me off guard with the memories it brings, I like to believe the things I feel then are things people feel when they are home.