Last year’s Meliora Weekend left something to be desired due to cancelled speakers and a below-average turnout. This year, however, the university has clearly redoubled their efforts and the results are promising. Dennis Miller, the Carville and Matalin duo and David Neeleman are only the top of the list of speakers coming to campus, and many of the lectures seem to have been put together with the greater UR community in mind. There are a wide variety of programs being offered this year as well, and the Alumni House should be commended for the amount of care that was put into planning the programs. This year appears to have enough star power to attract a large crowd, but not an amount that will overwhelm our campus. Overly large crowds would make it an unpleasant experience for visitors and students alike. The way Meliora Weekend has been set up this year should be able to satisfy all those in attendance.Logistical considerations hopefully will also be taken into account, to ensure everything will run smoothly with regards to parking and crowd control. Having the tent outside for simulcasting multiple events such as Carville and Matalin provides an opportunity for those wishing to see the already sold-out event. Additionally, we should not forget that Meliora Weekend is our chance to show what our school is capable of, showcasing the campus and providing visitors with a chance to get to know UR and the city of Rochester. The Alumni House should continue to keep students, parents and community members alike in mind and consider all these factors in planning the weekend. Meliora Weekend this year, if all goes well, will show UR as it should appear to guests, which will ensure the success of the event in future years.

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