Dear Editor,I just read an the October 7th Campus Times article that is attributed to Antonio Hayes, entitled “Forgery investigated on campus.” I wanted to alert you a major inaccuracy within the article which I expect you will clear up immediately (a quote from the article is added postscript): I know for a fact that Monty Bloom is not awaiting any sort of adjudication in local courts. He is not facing any jail time. He is not currently charged with possessing a forgery device. Check up on this, I expect you will find these statements to be true. At the very least, this is an example of sloppy reporting, not to mention slander. Please inform me as soon as possible of the actions you will take to resolve this issue. I’m not interested in having this letter published. Matt Zerweck585 274 1925

“While investigators found no evidence of the production of false documents, there was substantial evidence of the production of false driver’s licenses, which led to the subsequent arrest of Eastman student Monty Bloom, according to security. Bloom, having been charged with a Class-D felony, is still awaiting adjudication in local courts. If convicted, he faces a maximum of seven years in prison”

An opportunity to create: Turkish Ebru sip n’ paint with Muslim Students’ Association

The Muslim Students’ Association’s Sip n’ Paint sent many students home with a weight lifted off their shoulders and a few pieces of artwork of their own.

A glimpse into the minds of FREE.99

Through heavier sounds and aesthetics, FREE.99 find broader meaning to their incredibly resonant tagline of “two gay girls making music for sad people.” 

Notes by Nadia: The problem with age gaps

When I see a younger woman with an older man, it concerns me. Women are constantly preyed upon and assaulted by men — especially older men.