Brand new to UR is the Table Tennis Club, a group of people ready to provide a friendly atmosphere for all players of ping-pong. Founded at the end of the 2003-2004 academic year by sophomores president Matt Brodman and business manager Efram Slen. The club is finally getting underway this semester.

The Table Tennis Club meets twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. in the MAC room of the Goergen Athletic Center. Of approximately 60 current members, about 15 of them convene weekly at these meetings to play the game and socialize. Although singles are played most often, when there is a big turnout, doubles are played. The meetings are focused as much on ping-pong as they are on just hanging out and getting to know people.

Ping-pong is a timeless game, and if you have never played before, the Table Tennis Club is a fantastic way to learn the basics. The group has an open-door policy, so students can feel free to come by a meeting whenever they want to play – no skill is required. However, there are some members who are pretty good at the game, so beware.

“Everybody thinks they are good at ping-pong because they usually play in their basement against their little brother or something. But in a club like this you really get challenged. If you have any slight competitive interest in ping-pong, the club really ups the ante because mostly everybody is good,” Brodman said.

Membership in the club is pretty relaxed, as long as you attend a few meetings per semester you are still considered to be part of the group and maintain voting privileges for officers.

The Table Tennis Club has not yet held an official tournament, but is hoping to do so within the year. According to Brodman, a tournament is in the making, and will be open to anyone who wants to give it a go – even if you have never played ping-pong before. There will be a small entrance fee, but for those who are official members of the club, there will be a discount. Hopefully, there will be a huge cash prize for the first place winner.

The Table Tennis Club is looking to expand their group, and is encouraging all students who have even the slightest bit of interest in the game to come and meet the members and help get things underway. “The club attracts a wide variety of players,” Slen said. “Whether or not you think you’re the best player out there, you should still come out and have a good time.”

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